JacksonFairmont Dental Laboratory, a full service dental lab, was started in 1980 by Paul and Karen Zoch as a crown and bridge laboratory in Jackson, Minnesota. Owners Paul and Karen Zoch expanded their business and moved their laboratory to Fairmont, Minnesota in 1985 to better accommodate their dental clientele.

Paul and Karen provided their clientele with top quality products and services. JacksonFairmont continues to serve their first loyal customers while expanding their clientele to many other states. Starting off as a crown and bridge laboratory they expanded to a full service lab offering removables in January of 2009.

JacksonFairmont continued to expand while keeping up with technology. Their dedication to quality and service has remained constant. In March, 2012, Paul and Karen sold the laboratory in order to spend more time with their family. Paul remains working two days a week as he “loves making teeth.”

The name remains as JacksonFairmont Dental Laboratory as well as the quality and service that the dental field has come to expect. The new owners, (see our team for bio of the new owners) Jeremy Stauffer, Kevin Crane, Todd Mayclin and Kay Hayden are committed to providing the same superior restoration and unsurpassed service with the state-of-the art technology as their predecessors.